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Nice Guy Ep 1 Recap

Maru is running in the hospital and stopped when he heard a news report on television by Jaehee. The doctors are making their rounds and Maru asked consultant Minhe why he never asked them any questions. Minhe tells him straight that he is still a trainee and not a qualified doctor so he is not going to waste his time since they might not understand even if he ask them questions. Just then, there was a commotion in the ward where a child is struggling with the nurses to get discharged. The child was admitted the night before, CT and MRI shows that there is no abnormality. Minhe ask Maru to diagnose the child within 2 hours.

Maru sits beside the child vexing what is the diagnosis and the child starts to pull out his cannula. Maru stops him and the child tells him that he is not sick. Maru says that if he is not ill, he cannot be fainting without reason. The child says that he needs to be discharge as he cannot afford the medical bill. Maru says he will pay for him and the child calls him a liar. Maru lightly hits him on the head and the child starts vomiting. From that Maru deduced that he is suffering from cerebral aneurysms.  He reports to Minhe who ask for his basis of diagnosis. He reports that the child has falsely denied that he has severe headache and is confirm to suffer from thunderclap headache and has just vomited. Minhe refuse to accept the diagnosis and Maru retorts if it is because he is just a trainee. Minhe makes a call to the angiogram doctor and says that the angiogram reports shows no sign of cerebral aneurysm and tells Maru to check for himself if he don't believe him. Maru apologizes. Minhe tells another doctor to discharge the child if there are no more abnormality.

In the evening, an ambulance arrives with the child vomiting. Minhe is informed of the child's admission due to vomiting and stupor. Medical examinations shows that the child is either suffering from cerebral aneurysm or hemorrhage. Minhe instructs mannitol, antibiotics and boosters to be administered. He ask for Maru as he needs to admit to Maru that Maru is right and he as a teacher is wrong.

Maru is on his way home and in voiceover we hear Minhe saying that there will be an outstanding doctor in 2 years time. Maru arrives home and calls for Choco who doesn't answer. He notes that she is home from the sshoes outside. He change the lightbulb and washes his face. He felt uneasy when Choco stills doesn't answer and decides to check on her. He opens her door and found her lying on the floor semi-conscious. He takes Choco pulse and decides to take her to hospital.  Choco says that she is fine while Maru scolds her for  trying to hide her discomfort. He was helping to dress Choco when he receives a call from Jaehee asking for help. Maru is shocked as Jaehee is crying over the phone asking him to save someone. Maru decides to head over to help Jaehee. Choco grabs Maru's pants and tell him to not go and stay with her as she is in great discomfort. Maru tells her to wait awhile, he will go and help Jaehee and will be back soon. Choco crys that she is really uncomfortable and ask him not to go. Maru is in a dilemma and tells Choco to count to 500 and promises that he will be back before that. Choco refuse and tells him that if he goes to Jaehee, she will die. Maru still runs to Jaehee leaving Choco behind.

Maru arrives in a motel. He enters and saw a man lying in a pool of blood and Jaehee sitting in a corner. He checks on the guy and confirms that the guy is dead.
Jahee tearfully asked: "Why. Why is he dead. I never kill him. Why is he dead." Maru looks at her and she continues "Why are you looking at me like that. It's not me. I never kill him. I never kill him!"
Maru covers him with a blanket and walks over to Jaehee. He ask if the weapon is the broken bottle Jaehee is holding. Jaehee smashes the bottle and shakes her head. He ask Jaehee if the guy did something unforgivable to her which Jaehee nods. Jaehee is shaking and Maru holds her hand and tells her to just surrender herself and tells the truth and she will be okay since it is out of self defence. Jaehee refuses as she does not want this incident to ruin her career. Maru says she can always look for another job. Jaehee tells him that she would rather die than go back to her old life and she gets up and takes a piece of broken glass trying to slit her wrist. Maru tries to stop her and gets injured. She immediately checks on him.
Maru: "Aren't I the same. For the past 13 years I became what I am by looking at you only. Can't I be the reason for you to live on."

The two of them sits beside the bed and Jaehee says why is the world so cruel to her. Maru says that is not true. She calls the police and just as the police picks up, Maru grabs her phone and kiss her. He then gets up and starts cleaning telling Jaehee that he kill the guy and it has nothing to do with Jaehee. Jaehee tries to stop him. He pulls her and ask her to get out now. Jaehee refuses and ask why.
Maru: "Don't turn back. Look forward. I can don't be a doctor but it will be a pity for you to give up your dream."

 Director Choi is getting into his car when Eungi drives up and ask him to go with her since they will both be going to meet Chairman. While driving, she starts asking why the director keep calling her miss. Is he looking down on her because she is young and felt that she got her position due to the Chairman. She raises her voice as she says what does a young girl knows about business management and softens saying with a smile "this is what you have being saying behind my back." He stammers and tries to deny. She continues "I will not get angry with that so don't be afraid but you have to be afraid now. If you need any medication better eat it now." She then starts speeding while listing out the director's misdeeds. She almost ram into another car. She glance at the director while shouting at the other driver. She mellow down and ask the director where she left off in their conversation.

Eungi was still speaking to the director when she stops near her house as she saw Jaehee standing outside her house. Chairman Seo walks out to meet Jaehee who is still wearing the rugged clothes and telling
Chairman Seo that she did something unforgivable to the man precious to her just to protect the Chairman. Chairman Seo comforts her with a hug while Eungi and Director Choi watches.

Maru sits in the motel room and recalls Jaehee telling him that she will forever be indebted to him. The police sirens are blaring outside and Maru gets up and walks over to the window. He opens the window and calls Choco telling her that he is sorry and that Jaegil will be bringing her to hospital. He continues standing there staring outside and tears starts trickling down his face. He is sentenced to 5 years jail.

6 years later, Maru is looking out a window draped in shower robe when a lady embraces him from behind. 
He turns around and the lady leans in for a kiss. Maru informs her that this is the end of their relationship and hands her a cheque. The lady is offended. Maru tells her that he is not a rich guy so she can stop clinging onto him since she is a gold digger. She confesses to being a gold digger but that she really loves him.

Eungi is sleeping calling out for her mother while Joonha watches and tries to wipe the sweat off her forehead. Eungi wakes from the touch. She ask for the time and Joonha says it is 8.30am. Eungi flares that her secretary did not wake her up. Joonha informs her that he told the secretary not to wake her as she has not slept for more than 7 hours in a week. She is sick and should be resting as instructed by the doctor. Eungi tells him that he has stepped out of line. She gets up and goes into the restroom. She walks back out immediately and ask about a cosmetic complain. Joonha reports that the cosmetics have been taken off the shelf and Eungi grabs her hair and starts banging her head at the door in frustration. She walks back in to the restroom and just as Joonha turns to tidy the bed, Eungi walks out wraped in a towel confirming that there is only one complain and giving Joonha instructions. Joonha is unable to look at her and answer and just nods and say yes. Eungi notice Joonha's discomfort and walks back to the bathroom. Just before she enters, she confirms with Joonha that he likes guys and not girls which Joonha confirms.

Eungi meets with the Japanese lady client who complained. She apologises and Joonha hands over a an enveloped filled with cash to the client. The client is offended and Eungi apologises. Eungi ask for her terms to resolve the issue and the client asked to eat dinner first. Eungi brings out kimchi during dinner and the client ask if she could give it a try. The client tries it and praise that it is good. Eungi watches and smiles to herself. The client was about to get up and leave when Eungi takes out a box of cosmetic to give to the client.
The client asked if that is the cosmetic that she is allergic to. Eungi confirms and says that the client has eaten the dessert made using the cosmetic and that their cosmetic products are all made of natural ingredients which can be consumed. If the client insist to sue them, they will have to meet tomorrow at the hospital since she will be getting allergies. Joonha walks in, whisper to Eungi and hands an envelop over. Eungi takes out a piece of paper from the envelop and informs the client that they found out that she has taken bribe from their competitor to make a false complain. She instructs Joonha to report the client to the police and issue a statement to the press to resolve the matter and walks out.

Maru is kissing under a tree. Eungi was walking when she suddenly felt chest pain. Jaehee runs up to her and she immediately smiles to say she is fine. Jaehee is concerned about Eungi and wants Eungi to go to the hospital. Eungi grabs Jaehee's hand when Jaehee was wiping her forehead and tells her to stop acting since all the audience are gone. Jaehee is dumbfounded. Eunseok runs up and wants to play with Eungi. Eungi rebuffs him and flicks his forehead and tells him that she is not his sister and will not acknowledge him as her brother. Jaehee says how can you say that to a 4 year old which Eungi rebukes that it is because he is your son and I am afraid that one day he will be strangling me and struts off. Eunseok cries while Jaehee console him.

At a nearby bridge Jaegil is crying. Maru walks up to him asking if he is going to continue crying. He denies to be crying and stressed that he did not cry over a girl who cheated him. Maru hands over a bankbook and a stamp to Jaegil and Jaegil is astonished that Maru is able to subdued the girl in less than a week. Maru tells Jaegil to take back the amount that he has has been cheated off and to bank in the remainder into Choco's account. Maru informs him that its time to go back to Seoul and walks away. Jaegil stands up and ask Maru "Kiss. Have you kissed."
Maru "What do you think."
Jaegil continues "Kissed already. Must have kissed already. You are such person. Have you slept with her. You must have slept with her already." Maru looks at him in disbelief. Jaegils looks in pain but continues firing "How many times have you slept with her. Two times. Three time. Four. Four times." Maru walks away and answer "A hundred times four plus ten."
Jaegil screams at him "You scumbag. I told you to look for her, who ask you to sleep with her. You scheming and bad fella."

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Nice Guy Ep 13 Recap

Maru was in the showers and wrote on the mirror 'Happiness" while Eungi is preparing breakfast. Eungi recalls what the doctor said about not hiding and to face her fears to be able to recover her painful memory, then she recalls the scene of the accident, but is unable to recall who she is driving towards. Just then, Maru comes behind her and saying the soup is getting burnt and stir the soup with her. He ask about Choco and tell Eungi to visit the company next week.
Eungi" Maru, I'm scared."
Maru" What."
Eungi" The day that you felt sick and tired of me, you will run away from me right."
Maru " That won't happen"
Eungi " People's heart changes"
Maru " I know my heart. I won't get tired or become irritated and will not run away." They smile at each other and the doorbell rings. Maru answer the door and is greeted by policemen who informs him that Taesan has file a report that he has infringe company's confidentiality and need to search his house.

Lawyer An informs Jaehee that Maru is being arrested now and he hands documents involving Maru's past year's illegal activities to Jaehee, telling her that it will be hard for him to prove his innocence. The police search the house and finds evidence in a USB while Eungi clutches Maru hands in anxiety. The poilce ask Maru to follow him to the police station but Maru ask the policeman to let him have his breakfast first as my friend woke up early and this is her first time making breakfast for me. Eungi keeps asking Maru what is happening while Maru eats. He tells her that he is being framed by Taesan. Eungi is worried while Maru calmly tells Eungi that the soup is deliciously but to add salt next time. Eungi ask what is he going to do which he replys that he just need to prove his innocence.
Eungi " How are you going to prove your innocence.'
Maru " Like this" and he calls Jaehee.

He walks to the policemen and tells them that they have no evidence and to speak with his lawyer. He gets in his car and drives off. He meets Jaehee at her house. She ask him to have breakfast with her since it is lonely to eat alone. Maru tells Jaehee to stop her useless tactics while Jaehee questions his intention.
Maru " Although I got fired by the school, but my IQ is still 30  points higher than yours. Just by deducing, something that you won't do, do you think a genius like me will do it."
Jaehee starts telling him about what she knows he has done in the past year and how she can make him pay for his crimes.
Jaehee " I can promise that it will be hard for you to prove your innocence. There are lots of evidence of your crimes but there is none that can prove your innocence.. That's why Maru you should let go while you still can. If you quietly leave, I will withdraw the lawsuit. I will talk to the prosecuter I'm close to to help you deal with it. I have no intention of letting you off but what will happen to Eungi if you went to jail. It's a pity, you held a sword to kill me but did not have the chance to wield it. The sword, take it elsewhere. For someone clever like Kang Maru, no matter where you go, whatever happens, there is nothing that you cannot handle."

Eungi went back home and looks at her wall of Jaehee and Lawyer An's picture and keep repeating their name. Lawyer An is in his office, Junha enters demanding what he did and why is he stooping so low to frame Maru. Lawyer An says Maru has confessed to his crimes and left the company therefore the game is over. Junha retorts " Let's wait and see if the game is over, do you want to see what's my last card." Lawyer An clenches his fist, "Isn't this what you wish for. Kang Maru leaving Eungi, isn't it better for you. Didn't you help to forge documents for him. The way I see, you are not kind but silly, if not you are a hypocrite." He stands up and walks to Junha "Get your act together Park Junha. Kang Maru is not someone you should be helping but should be someone  you have to deal with if you wan to get Eungi."
Junha "Must I get it"
Lawyer An " What."
Junha "If I love her, must I own her. I don't think so." He walks away while Lawyer An calls him a fool. Junha replys " I don't think we are very different. The difference is you met Han Jaehee while I met So Eungi, and thats what make us become strangers. When time passes and when we found that we have control of everything which is all for naught, do you think we can still meet, Senior."

Jaehee is on the phone with the prosecuter telling him to withdraw the lawsuit and was informed that Maru has volunteered to be investigated. Maru is at the prosecuter office  asking the prosecuter to search for evidence to prove his innocence admitting his past crimes. The prosecuter tells him that with what he has just said, he could be sent to jail.
Maru " I felt that living like that I can die faster since I cannot commit suicide because of my sick sister. I felt that this dirty life can be ended by living like I will get retribution, that's why I did that at that time."
Prosecutor " Because of this, you did that at that time, what about now?"
Maru " Now I want to live cause I have a reason for living."
The scene was cut to Eungi while Maru was saying that.

Eungi went to her house and was pondering outside the gate when Eunseok calls her on his way home with the housekeeper. Eungi tried to leave but was held back by Eunseok who keeps pestering her to come home. Once inside, Eunseok starts mimicing Eungi every move.

Maru rushed home after being told by Choco that Eungi is missing and that she has left her handphone at home. They went out in search of Eungi. Jaehee returns home to find Eungi and Eunseok playing together. Maru searches the neighbourhood frantically to no avail and returns home. Just as he was about to rest, the door opens and he gets up hoping to be Eungi only to see Jaegil enters. He flares at Jaegil for not picking up his phone. Jaegil ask if anything is the matter and was told by Maru that Eungi went missing.
Jaegil "Huh. Didn't Eungi went to her own home. Didn't she inform you. I told her to inform you."
Maru "What."
Jaegil "I told her no and that it is dangerous, what happens if she is discovered. She said that the doctor tells her to go to places that she is familiar with to regain her memory."
Maru shouts at Jaegil for telling him only now. Jaegil says he never ask. Maru immediately gets up to go get Eungi.
Jaegil mumbles to himself "He is going to kill me for letting her go home."

Eungi is having dinner with Jaehee and Eunseok. Eungi keeps eating beansprouts and Eunseok follows suit. Jaehee ask the housekeeper to get another plate of beansprouts and tells Eungi that Eungi used to not eat beanspouts but is eating it so well now. Eungi immediately stops eating beansprouts and change to eat clams. The housekeeper serves the beansprouts and saw Eungi eating clams and immediately ask if Eungi is alright as she is allergic to clams. She rolls up Eungi's sleeve and saw that Eungi's hands have inflammed. Eungi immediately spits out the clam in a napkin and excuses herself to go to the restroom. Jaehee ask the housekeeper to bring anti-allergic medicine. The housekeeper verbalises to Jaehee how Eungi seems like a different person now. Jaehee senses something amiss and ask the housekeeper to bring the food that Eungi used to detest the most, fermented mustard. Eungi recalls that she is allergic to clams and peach in the restroom.

Maru comes to look for Eungi while Eungi is in the restroom. Maru informs Jaehee that he has come to fetch Eungi. Jaehee ask him to let Eungi finish dinner before they leave. Maru refuse but Jaehee insist. Jaehee then ask Maru why he wants to be investigated when the lawsuit has been withdrawn which Maru replys that it is to prove his innocence. Jaehee ask if he thinks he can prove his innocence.Maru informs her with an evil smile that all will be revealed if the police manage to find the truth. Eungi enters and Maru tells her that he came to fetch her. Eungi takes her seat and takes the anti-allergic medicine. A concerned Maru ask what she is taking and Eungi said that she accidentally ate clams. Jaehee ask Eungi to try the fermented mustard brought out by the housekeeper, Eungi was about to take it when the housekeeper informs Jaehee that Eunseok is vomiting in the bathroom most probably from indigestion. Jaehee leaves immediately to tend to Eunseok. Eungi breathes a sigh of relieve and Maru ask Eungi if she is going to keep tolerating. Eungi tells him that she is sorry, she cannot wait for her memory to recover by itself. She has to do something to recover her memory so that she can help him. She doesn't want to keep hiding behind him. Maru holds her hand to look at the allergy and she tells him that she doesn't remember about her allergy. The housekeeper enters to set the table for Maru and verbalise how Eungi is like a different person now. She now plays with Eunseok and is more tolerant like now she never flare up when she see the fermented mustard on the table. Maru guessed Jaehee's intend immediately. Jaehee puts Eunseok to bed and Eunseok ask Jaehee to make Eungi come back home to stay. Jaehee returns to the dining table to find Eungi and Maru gone. The housekeeper said that they have just left. Jaehee is upset that they did not bother to inform her before they took off. Jaehee picks up the note Eungi left, 'I just played with Eunseok for awhile. I don't know what you are so suspicious of, but it doesn't seem that way, Eunseok's mum. Regarding the fermented mustard, it's a pity.'

On the drive home, Maru tells Eungi that she cannot go out alone next time while  Eungi cannot believe she used to be so bad tempered. Maru says that he told her before that she used to be very rude.
Eungi " Yes. I am suddenly afraid of recovering my memory. I am already so scared now, if I knew I was like that, I will also be shocked now. What should I do if I am disappointed when I found out what I used to be like."
Maru "Then, just let it be. Don't be troubled because you want to recover your memory.  Just stay quietly like now."
Eungi "Is that from your heart."
Maru "Yeah."
Eungi "Oh, that looks real. No. Truthfully, I am not interested in other memories. I just want to find the memories of the two of us together. How we meet. How we love each other. Where we went. What we talk about. What we listen to. What our dreams are. I want to remember all this."
She smiles and switched on the stereo and ask if Maru remembers this song which we used to listen together. Maru looks shocked and worried.

Maru is in the elevator and Junha enters at level 1. They walk out together and Junha ask if Maru knows what he is doing. Maru nonchalently tells him that you said you will give me half of Taesan, so I must go all out. Just as he finish, he turns and see Jaehee and Lawyer An. They greets and Jaehee says welcome back to Maru and offer a handshake. Maru call her bluff while he shakes her hand. Maru updates her on the progress of the police investigation where they are searching the CCTV for suspicious characters entering the office premises and the files he has gathered as a spy will all be revealed. Jaehee and Lawyer An looks worried while Junha takes notice of their concern.

Eungi visits the doctor and tells him of what she remember about the accident where she looks angry and desperate but she cannot see who was she driving towards when she change to drive on the opposite lane. The doctor ask her to try and recall who she was driving towards and why she did that as her homework.

Lawyer An ask Secretary Zhao to find Eungi's medical report and hand it to Doctor Kim to review if it belongs to Eungi as he felt that record is fake.

Eungi is in her room trying to recall who she was driving towards when the doorbell rang. Just as she was deciding what to do, Maru called. Maru called to ask her out on a date since it is Saturday and he is off work early. She tells Maru that Jaehee is at the door. Maru tells her to not answer the door till he arrives. Jaehee keeps pressing the doorbell and Eungi is anxious. In the end she open the door for Jaehee. Jaehee apologises about the dinner and that she has brought food that Eungi likes for her. Jaehee ask if she is alone and where is Choco and Jaegil. Eungi is shocked that she knew about Choco and Jaegil and ask how she know about them. Jaehee ask why she wanted to know, does she want her to know about their past. Jaehee ask Eungi to return home as tongues will wag since she is not married to Maru yet. Eungi smiles and reply that she prefers here and that she want to stay by Maru's side.
Jaehee "Why must it be Kang Maru. There are so many people, why must it be Kang Maru. Are there no other guys around. No matter how much you hate me or dislike me, why must you ruin your own life."
Eungi is shocked.
Jaehee "Give up, Eungi."
Eungi have a flashback of Jaehee telling her to give up Maru and she leans on the table for support.
Jaehee sincerely pleads with Eungi "Even though I don't like you, I also don't hate you. If you had been better to me and treated Eunseok like you did now, things wouldn't have come to this. I don't want you to be hurt because of me."
Eungi have another flashback of Jaehee warning her about Maru and starts to falter.
Eungi stares at Jaehee and ask "Why do you dislike Maru."
Jaehee notice that Eungi looks unwell and shows her concern.
Eungi grabs her hand and continues "Why do you dislike Maru. I said I like. I cannot live without him. Why do you have to oppose us being together."
Jaehee "Did you ask because you don't know. Did you really ask because you don't know."
Eungi nods, "Yes, I don't know."
Jaehee "You know the reason why Maru got close to you. If you know that how could you. Eungi, whats wrong. Where are you not feeling well."
Eungi grabs her hand again, "I don't know. I really don't know whats the motive. You tell me. Whats the motive." Eungi have a flashback of Junha telling her about Maru's relationship with Jaehee and that he have a motive for getting close to her. Eungi starts to breathes very fast, grabs her head in pain and collapses. Jaehee worriedly calls out to her just as Maru enters and push Jaehee aside. He calls Eungi who is unconscious to wake up. Maru ask Jaehee to get out and carries Eungi out. Jaehee is in shocked. Maru worriedly holds Eungi's hand while he drives Eungi to hospital.

Choco and Jaegil is being scolded by Secretary Hyun at home. They promise that this will not happen again to Secretary Hyun. Choco quietly speaks to Jaegil that Secretary Hyun is like a devil when she gets angry, while Jaegil says she has multiple personality.

Maru is holding Eungi's hand while Eungi is lying unconscious. Eungi is having flashback of the accident and seems to have seen Maru's face as the opposing driver when she awakens. Maru immediately ask if she remembers him and says sorry for being late. Eungi doesn not reply and went back to sleep. Junha came to visit Eungi in hospital and saw Maru holding Eungi's hand and stroking her forehead. He leaves without them knowing. Maru hold Eungi's hand against his face.

Jaehee is in the office drinking and Lawyer An knocks to enter. Jaehe ask him to join her. He declines and tells her to stop drinking in the office. No matter what it is, it is still an office. You look weak and pitiful and don't drink in front of him again in the office. He hands her documents regarding Eungi's medical report and a doctor stating that the CT and MRI report shows that Eungi have serious brain damage. He deduces that Junha has changed the medical report and that Eungi has loss her memory and ability to read and write. He believe that she is now acting and that the reason that she doesn't go anywhere without Maru is to prevent people from finding out. Jaehee listens and starts to recall her encounters with Eungi. Lawyer An says he have no prove yet but he will continue to find evidence and if there is evidence he intends to show to the board and disqualify her rights to be inherit the company.

Eungi wakes up and looks at a sleeping Maru. Maru wakes up to see the bed empty. He went in search for her and found her sleeping on a bench outside the hospital. He wakes Eungi up and tells Eungi how can she leave without telling him, does she not know that he is worried, He gets angry when Eungi just looks at him, he rants and apologises immediately. He gets up and ask Eungi to leave with him before she catch a cold. Eungi pushes him away and ask who is he. Maru is confused when Eungi demands to know who he is.


Eungi is having selective amnesia. She hides herself from the pain that she cannot handle therefore she forgot who Maru is once again.
Jaehee is actually not a very bad person although I still don't like her.
Sometimes I feel that Lawyer An seems to be worse than Jaehee.

Monday, October 22, 2012

Queen In Hyun's Man Ep 1 Recap

It starts with Year 2012 Seoul showing the cars on the roads moving normally, suddenly are all the cars are going backwards and we are in Year 1694. Snippets of a man reading, getting dress and getting on horseback is shown together with a lady getting ready in Queen attire while reading a script. Time is running at a tremoudous speed while showing the man on horseback was being chased while time is slowly ticking for the lady who is now driving. The man on horseback jumps over a wall and is tranported to Year 2012, where he meets the lady. They smiled at each other.

5 years ago, Queen In Hyun is deposed and those who oppose to her being deposed are killed. Queen Zhang Hae Bin is crowned Queen. 5 years later, the Zhangs and the people of the South is rapidly gaining power. King Sejong starts to change his mind and the minister plans to reinstate Queen In Hyun. Minister Min felt that the King has a change of heart and plans to get rid of Queen In Hyun.
In 1694, man in black are attacking Queen In Hyun's residence while Queen In Hyun is reading a letter from King Sejong. She is writing a reply letter when she heard commotion outside. She knew that intruders are here to kill her and therefore continues with her letter in tears. The letter reads; " Do not concern yourself with my death that it jeopardises your position, I earnestly plead." She shuts her eyes as the intruder was about to take her life, at the same time a sword pierces the intruder. Kim Boong Do has come to rescue Queen Inhyun.

Minister Min and Queen Hae Bin are inforned of the failed assasination. Boong Do informs Queen Inhyun that he has intercepted Minister Min's letter on the assasination and tells the Queen that they must move without delay. He will go and hand this letter to the King now to depose Queen Hae Bin. Queen Inhyun questioned how can one talk about deposing the Queen which he replied that it is not my wish but the King's and the people's wish. Queen Inhyun is concerned and Boong Do tells her not to worry, we will protect you.

Boong Do visits a gisaeng. He hands her Minister Min's letter for safekeeping. She is worried and hands him a tailsman to keep him safe. He is being pursued on his way to the palace. He arrives at the palace, hands over his sword to enter the palace and ask to see the King. Eunch Hong tells him to wait in the Library as it is late. He is attacked in the library.

Haejin rushed into a building and found the door locked only to find out that the place of audition is in the next building. She was rushing down the stairs and her shoe broke. She sat there feeling dejected when her manager called asking if she reached. She replied that its all over as she is late more than an hour. Her manager ask why is she late when now is only 3pm. She said that it is 4pm. Her manager realises that she has worn her watch which is fast. She is immediately energised.
She creeps into the audition room and is told that the audition is delayed. She found a corner place to change and while she was changing, Dongmin is pulling the blinds up. She was undressed when she realised what was happening. She pleads with the guy to pull the blinds back down which he refuses. She then realises that there are others in the room with him and quickly get dressed.
While Dongmin is a famous actor, Haejin is a second grade actress who needs to go for auditions to get a role. Dongmin is a casanova, he asked why is she is still angry with him when they broke up amicably. She lashed back at him "Yes, we broke up amicably as you said that your change has finally come and don't want me to hinder you, didn't i agree to the breakup, therefore don't act like we are close. Aren't you afraid that I will hinder you, meeting with a lower status actress, your fans will go mad. Han Dong Min." 
Dongmin"Good luck for the audition"
Haejin " Thanks" . She walked off and lift her middle finger.

Haejin's turn for the audition, while she was answering the director's question, Dongmin enters with the CEO. He is asked to sit in for the audition and that is when Haejin is told that Dongmin will be playing the role of King Sejong in the drama. He purposefully makes things difficult for Haejin during the audition.

Haejin is out eating ramen when her manager called. She complains about what happen and tells her not to get her hopes up on the audition. Her manager is angry and tells her that even if she gets the role she shouldn't take it.

Haejin is on her way home when Dongmin calls and tells her meet him at their old hangout if she wants to be get the role of Queen Inhyun. She ends the call before he is done. She unwinds the window to clear her mind when her phone rings again. It was from the director, just as she was about to answer, the cab jerked and she dropped her phone. She asked the cab driver to stopped and rushed out of the cab. The phone drop into the drain and she answer kneeling on the road. The director informed her that she got the role of Queen Inhyun andn she is grateful.

Boong Do was using a book to to stop the attacker's sword from stabbing him. Boong Do closes his eye and prepares to die just as the attacker uses all his might to plunge the sword. However, Boong Do vanishes before his very eyes just as Eunch Hong enters to ask if Boong do is dead. Boong Do wakes up to find himself in an empty room.  A bright light shines in and he immediately hides behind a pillar. He walks out and is shocked to see what is in front of his eyes. Haejin sees him and ask which role he is playing and happily tells him that she is playing the role of Queen Inhyun. Just as she is about to leave, he ask " Do you know if i am dead or am i dreaming." 
Haejin " Are you serious"
Boong Do " Yes. I am serious."

They stood looking at each other while in voiceover " This in my memory is how we first met. Not 3 year and not 30 years, but 300 years. How would I know what he is going through."

Haejin hesitates and answer " Then I am going to answer. You don't get angry with me since you ask me to answer. As I see it, you are not dead or dreaming but is a bit foolish."
He looks at her seriously and she stops smiling.

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Nice Guy Ep 11 Recap

Maru was searching for Eungi at a rest stop and just as he turns, he saw Jaesik leaving with an unconscious Eungi. He gives chase immediately, and pulls to a stop in front of Jaesik car. Jaesik stops and Eungi regains consiousness due to the sudden stop. Maru angrily pulls and shoves Jaesik asking who orders him to do this. Eungi comes to pull Maru off Jaesik, asking why are you doing this to him. Maru angrily scolds Eungi for anyhow following strangers.
Eungi: " Didn't you ask him to bring me to you."
Maru:' I never did that. Are you dumb."
Hurt Eungi says in tears"Are you angry because you never ask that from him and he decides to bring me to you. Do you really hate me that much. If I know that I wouldn't go find you. I was wrong. Someone like me who cannot remember anything and sticking to you like a chewing gum and asking you to remember me, wait for me, I'm really sorry. I won't do it anymore, I won't disturb you anymore, so don't be angry with others anymore. Your brother never did anything wrong, I am the one in the wrong. My brain is the problem."
She turns to leave and Maru worriedly ask where is she going and pulls her to his car. She struggles and manages to loosen his grip and tells him that "I who only remembers my name and like a fool ask you to love me is a fool. Let's end it here. Don't make me look pathetic anymore. Even if I lost my memory, I still have my pride." She turns to leave and Maru looks at her leave with a crestfallen face.
Eungi is in a cab crying while Maru is in his car telling himself, "I did so much to make you leave me, how could you return, Seo Eungi, you fool."

Jaehee looks at her phone with a picture of Eungi in it, fretting. She recalls what Jaesik tells her that he found Eungi. He blackmails her for a building, in exchange, he will get rid of Eungi. He tells her that he has previously told her assistant who refuses his offer. He has no power, therefore it is not up to him that's why he came to her. He says he will tell everyone that Eungi is alive, so she should get ready to leave being a chairman. Just as he is about to leave, Jaehee tells him that she does not have that power as she is only a temporary chairman. He says if you don't have that power, then can you give land, loan note and cash.
Just as she finish recalling, Jaesik messages her that he has settled everything, can't she give him his reward faster.

Eungi is back in the Secretary Hyun's house listening to music when the secretary comes in telling her that her doctor is here for a review. Eungi is in a bad mood and refuses to go and turns up the music volume and recalls a scene in Maru car where he also turns on music.

Jaesik is in a gambling den and loses all his money. He walks out and calls Jaehee who is not answering. Jaehee reports to the police that there is an illegal gambling den. He was on the phone with Jaehee when he saw the policemen. He immediately doubts Jaehee and Jaehee says why would he doubt her. He says he doesn't believe her and she says she doesn't believe him too.
Jaehee:" You will keep blackmailing me once you got a hold on me. I have specifically told you not to touch Eungi. I have warned you that I would not tolerate if you touch my child Eungi."
I will tell the police that you kidnap Eungi and blackmail me and will get you to be in jail for 10 years. He
says you are the one who instructed me to do that. She says " Do not malign me. When. Where. Do you have evidence."

Jaesik went to look for Maru and says that all that he did was ordered by Jaehee. Maru recalls Eungi's secretary telling him that if Jaehee knows of Eungi's location and current condition, Eungi will be in danger.
Maru rushes to look for Eungi after getting her location from Jaesik.

Lawyer An got Secretary Zhao to find out Eungi's location and get Eungi. Maru meets with Secretary Hyun and in the car Secretary Hyun recognises Secretary Zhao and ask Maru to bring Eungi to safety while she drags for time. Secretary Hyun messages Junha that Jaehee has found out Eungi's location.
Maru ask Eungi to leave with him. She refuses and ask him to leave. When he didn't, she throws a book at him and run into the house. Maru knocks and ask Eungi to open the door. Eungi says she doesn't know him and ask him to leave. Maru leans on the door and starts describing how he first met Eungi on the plane and then the motorbike accident. This is the first time he meet someone who is so rude, stuckup and distrustful of people. Eungi ask "Who. Who. Is that me? Me, is it?" When Maru doesn't answer, she opens the door.
Maru:" Sorry, we shouldn't be reminiscing about the past now." He grabs her hand. "I will answer you when we are in the car ok."

Outside, Secretary Hyun is trying to prevent Secretary Zhao and his man to enter her house when Junha comes to the rescue. After Secretary Zhao left, she told Junha that Maru has manage to bring Eungi to safety.

In Maru's car, Maru describe to Eungi how the past Eungi hides her feelings by being angry and cold. Eungi tells him that just because she lost her memory doesn't mean she doesn't care, she don't believe what he said about her. Maru decide to stop for now. Eungi switch on the radio and have flashback of Maru switching on the radio.

Lawyer An starts to question the reason Eungi is hidden afer the accident. A meeting is convened by Jaehee to suspend Eungi's directorship. One of the director question Jaehee's motive and Jaehee shows the video of Eungi well but have refused to return to the company.
Jaehee" Before the accident, Eungi had a boyfriend. She had a fight with the CEO because of him and have now abandoned the company to pursue her happiness. To be a CEO of  Taesan, one must give up being a woman. Before I become a chairman of Taesan, I am Eungi's mother, if my daughter has chosen love instead of the company, I will respect her decision. I do not want to be like her father who tie her down to Taesan." With that, Eungi is suspended.

Jaegil is on the phone with Maru on why the sudden need to shift house, asking if Maru has committed a crime or is being pursued. He enter Maru's home and saw Eungi. He starts chattering away. Eungi ask if they were close previously. Jaegil " Why? Is there a hidden camera?"
Maru is packing when Jaegil enter and ask why Eungi doesn't recognise me where Maru replied that she doesn't remember him too. Jaegil links it to the accident immediately which Maru confirms. He ask Jaegil to bring Choco back as she needs to pack too.
Jaegil ask why the sudden need to shift when he has refused to previously when he asked.
Maru" Isn't she back, Seo Eungi"
Jaegil was incredulous" You have been waiting for Eungi. You're afraid that she can't find you thats why you refused to move. Do you like Eungi? Not becasuse of revenge and not to make use of her, you really like Eungi?"

Maru met with Junha where Junha directly point out that Maru gets close to Eungi for revenge. He ask Maru what is his reason for coming back to Eungi. If he tells on him, what will happen. Maru smiles " Of cos you have to say it, if Eungi's aim is not Taesan but Junha. Do you like Eungi."

Choco is feeling sorry for Eungi and was about to say something which Jaegil interrupts. Junha ask Maru to help Eungi. Jaehee came to paid a visit at Maru's house and is shocked to find it empty. Maru is driving while the rest of them sleep. Eungi is holding on to Maru's hand while she sleeps.

An event is held to congratulate Jaehee as Taesan's Chairman is held. Jaehee was giving her speech when the door opens and Eungi walks in. Eungi" Sorry for being late, have you been well, mother."
Jaehee hugs Eungi and both of them shed a tear. Eungi went on the podium to give her speech while Jaehee wringes her hand nervously; " As everyone knows that I was in an accident last year. I was seriously injured and requires complete rest to recuperate. With continuous effort, I have manage to be ready to come back to Taesan. As I still have some side effects from the accident,  inability to distinguish faces, therefore I might not recognised some people. Because of that, before I completely recovers, I will require help from others. Kang Maru, my fiance. He will be helping me to lead Taesan, Kang Maru." Jaehee reels in shock while Maru and Eungi's eyes meet and smile at each other.